Mi casa es tu casa

I'm a restless soul based in the north of Spain, capturing nice moments all over the world. I don't like to talk much about myself, I prefer to tell stories, stories with heart.

I'm lucky to do what I love, to enjoy all the single moments I share with my people. I leave me wrap carefully by the things that happen around me, and be touched by the people involved in. Because, at the end, people is what makes special and unique every single story.

What about yours?


"Hi! My name is Unai Novoa. I live close to Donostia - San Sebastián (Basque Country), but I love to get lost in the mountains of the south west of France, and find new vegetation species, to try to grow at home. Kitchen is my favorite place to be, cooking vegetarian dishes (…and dipping homemade bread on them). I love driving at night, and swimming under the rain in an open sea. I like to try new things and I'm always researching new points of view, to tell what is happening in front of his eyes as an observer, trying to not interfere in the facts, to capture with all the spontaneity what is happening.

I'm passionate about the cinema, from the chiaroscuros of Orson Welles, to the fantastic worlds of Tim Burton, Wes Anderson and Stanley Kubrick or the magic of Disney and Pixar, among many others. I also loves literature: immersing myself in the mystery stories of Stephen King, Tim Powers, Terry Pratchett or face the cosmic terrors of H. P. Lovecraft."

Always Love

that take your breath away
and leave you dancing in your hearts way

Say ahoy!
proposals, engagements, weddings, elopements, memento, vow renewals
…and everything in between
the freedom to tell your love story with my own style: fresh, spontaneous, natural. To live your big day with the highest intensity.
in our couples. Honest people with pure feelings: an emotional cyclogenesis of joy and life. Simple things. Rollercoster hearts.